Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Just a little extruding - Something for the Yard.

This is a bit of the evolution of some hollow extruded tubes. They are 3" in diameter, oval and some darted at the top. The tallest one is about 21". The are "combed" on the outside to give them a texture. A small bead finishes off the bottom and they are closed at the base. They are now resting overnight and tomorrow I will address the tops as they will be leather hard by then. Click to enlarge any image.

Just plain tubes

a few small airholes will get filled

moving them around to see how they look

feceting or "combing" them - gives them a great organic feel

you can see that some are darted at the mouth

the skin

resting - you can see a 12"ruler for scale.

Monday, March 9, 2015

International Women's Day Coverage

from the uncommongoods website

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Octagon Jar

I love making these Octagon Jars - they can have so much personality and are really fun to make.  

Some of the teaching projects I do with my class are more challenging than others. This project was done with more advanced wheel throwers. It was a good lesson and demonstrated a lot of different skills needed off the wheel. They were each given a sheet of paper with an octagon as a starting point. Rolled Glabs for base and sides. Threw the collar and the lid on the wheel and assembled. 

The Octagon box is a mixed wheel and slab project.

Come join me for our next session of classes that start the week of March 12th!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Large Platters

Today's Advanced Wheel class was focused on making Large Platters. We talked about the multiple ways to get a big piece of clay into a flat pad - ready to become a platter or xl plate. 

Challenges were.....

  • getting the pad really compressed
  • keeping the wall thick enough so the rim doesn't end up paper thin
  • knowing when to stop

This was the demo piece that I did.  Started as an 10 lb ball of clay and is now a very big platter. The inside has been painted and carved to add some decoration to this big piece. It will now sit and dry out a bit- get the bottom trimmed up and then left to dry completely.