Monday, February 7, 2011

Salvaging a Mishap

As potters, we know how many - not so perfect pieces -  get sacrificed to the clay gods every day.  I have personally contributed my share.
  • Oops my elbow hit it
  • My pen fell out of my apron into the bowl
  • I hit the pedal on the wheel and sent it flying
  • When setting  it onto the shelf and dented it
  • Why look at that crack
  • That's not the glaze I expected - Yeck
This list goes on and on. Even the most experienced and seasoned potters have these mishaps, albeit fewer that novices. Through the process of these mishaps we learn to LET GO. Re-purpose it, morph it, make another, don't fret it, move on. For me it's therapeutic. I had this happen the other day when I was making one on my Yarn Bowls. As I put the rack of them on the shelf, I must have bumped the side of one into part of the shelf. Nice big dent and the piece was too dry to push it out.
I decided to play with a bit, so I cut out the area  in the shape of a crescent using an exacto knife. The clay was just the right consistency for cutting and it felt good. I cut another and another, not really sure where it was going. Then I decided it needed a little something.

Using my slip bottle and a bit of white slip (on the brownish clay body) I put little beads all over it. This is what I ended up with.


1 comment:

  1. Looks good, what you would call a happy accident!

    I recently made a jar and as I was carrying it over to the kiln room for drying out I must have tipped it slightly and not noticed. The lid went 'splat' on the floor and that was it...

    Fortunately the second one I made was much better than the first!