Sunday, April 7, 2013

Empty Shelves - Shifting

There is something very cleansing about the cyclical nature of ceramics. Throwing, rolling, making, trimming.......Breathe, then it all empties out of the studio and the shelves are bare. Just for a brief bit and then it all comes back. Shifting from dry clay to pink bisqueware. Again shifting to glazed.
Bridges Pottery - Empty Shelves - All loaded in the kiln
In my mind I think of my routines in units and measures. Fitting as many units in during the "empty" shelves period. Thinking about the units it will take to prep and glaze.  

I see pictures of other potters studios and sometimes they look spotless - I image that it is during their "empty Shelves" time and things are packed in the kiln. I with people would post more photos of the mess we make when creating our pots. 


  1. I cannot seem to keep my studio clean :). This is an ongoing battle for me, for sure. Any tips you have would be much appreciated. LOVE your blog, and your work. Lovely.
    Best wishes,

    1. Thank You. Cleaning is a constant battle. I try to make sure I throw out ANYTHING that's not critical. I use small bins to organize bats and boards and when the studio gets empty of pots I dedicate a few hours to really cleaning up. I see your blog- very nice- why not add me as a link on your blog roll. Have a great week.