Friday, January 9, 2015

Starting with a Buzz - New Helper Accesories

Starting off 2015 with a Buzz. Today there was a beautiful dusting of snow - just enough to procrastinate a little and clean off the entire driveway before I got to hunker down and get to my mud. Normally on a Friday you would find me in the studio where I teach, but the studio had to cancel today's classes due to a frozen water main.

My normal schedule has heavier throwing days on Monday and Tuesdays when I have larger clips of time to power through. So today I tackled a number of things.

First I started on a January wholesale order - threw about 85 l lbs of clay. I had already portioned out the clay the other day so it was all ready to go. 

People use all sorts of things to tie their clay bags up, some better than others. Most of the time I use little pieces of string to tie up mine up but I kept losing the string. Over Christmas I picked up some TIP 1great clips at the King Arthur Bakery Store in Vt.

These are fantastic and pretty cheap too, about a buck a piece. They are like a big plastic hair clip. TIP 2 - use a dry erase marker on these plastic clips to identify what's in the bag.

Then I moved onto fixing a few things. I use my Mudtools mudcutter daily and without it I am at a loss. It's not often that the wire breaks but it does - and I was without a replacement for several days - cursing at myself. Now I have great replacement wire, enough for all of you. TIP3 - fine braided wire that is used in model airplanes is perfect. A student of mine turned me onto it and until now I didn't need it. You can buy it online - on a reel of 52 feet - so find a friend. I am sure there are lots of manufacturers but I got it from SIG. Also makes a good cutting wire. I bought the .018 size which is perfect for my needs - rough cutting of clay blocks, but for fine cutting you can go smaller like .012 gauge.

So not only will I never run out again, it was very inexpensive compared to the OEM option. 

It was a very satisfying day! Happy winter.

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