Monday, August 21, 2017

Again and Again but better

No matter how many times I tell my students that they just need to practice to improve .... it's never enough.  Practice throwing, glazing, handling their work and so on.... it's never enough.

I think I have made several thousand yarn bowls (at least). It is well loved and popular. Knitters never seem to run out. What is it? It has been a high demand piece and I have many outlets for it.  So every year when I start making them for the holidays I rethink some small piece of the equation. One year it was how I glazed them, another how I move them around and dry them.

Even this year, after all those bowls, I am making improvements to the piece and to the process. Do as I do AND as I say. Practice makes for improvement which leads to perfection. I will be on this road for a long long time, as clay can never be perfected.

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