Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Christmas Morning" syndrome

I don't have the pleasure of a gas or wood fired kiln, but I still get the thrill of the "Christmas Morning" syndrome EVERY time I crack open the lid to the little electric kilns we use in the studio. It just can't cool fast enough. I can't wait to see. I loaded a batch of glazed pots this afternoon so tomorrow afternoon I will see how things come out.  Even with tried and true glazes - there is always a surprise - at least I hope for one.

Firing the simple electric kiln lacks the group and community effort that you get in large wood fired kilns and the like. Using big kilns that take time to load and stoke create a special environment themselves - and not just for the pots.  I miss that. Perhaps one day when we move from suburbia and I get to build a studio with a great kiln. In the meantime I still have the "Christmas Morning" thrill.

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