Monday, October 19, 2009

Web Duty

I have decided that hour for hour it probably takes more time to do all the "stuff" around my pottery, than it does to actually make it, fire it and glaze it. I know I am not alone, as friends who have their own enterprises complain of the same malady. Taking the photos, correcting color, cropping, sizing, formating, exporting, categorizing, uploading, positioning.

Then it's website upkeep, blog posting, checking stats, reworking metadata, looking at google, checking it twice. I do love some of it in my geeky technical way. I have always been a web surfer and have spent much of my internet life as a huge consumer of information and data. Gathering data. I spent years in the corporate world in a division of Reuters that marketed a search engine for news and historical information. It was all about casting a wide net and drilling down to get that jewel like piece of information that allowed you to make a better decision. Lets go back to the clay please.

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