Monday, May 31, 2010

Work in Progress

Glazed work ready to be fired. Some new mug handles tested with some test glaze. A tall jar and 2 jugs/vases.   

Fresh out of the kiln. I cut my own dies for my extruder for mug handles and lugs. I use old credit cards and my dremel to create custom shapes to extrude the clay through. I have spent a lot of time getting it just right.  Since I am a functional artists, and most of my work ends up with food in it, handled and used on the table and kitchen - FEEL - is very important to me.

When it comes to mugs, I am very fussy about the feel of the handle. I want it smooth to the touch, rounded like my fingers and big enough for a large man's hand to hold it without feeling squeezed into the handle.  Many handmade mugs have handles that are too small or too delicate for my taste.

I just finished testing a new shape. I like it a lot. Smooth on the underside with a nice line on the topside for glaze to pool into and change. The die is actually a fat heart shape. More on this later.

It always amazes me the time it takes to do everything EXCEPT actually throw the piece on the wheel. I have  a batch of cereal bowls that are about a 1lb ball of clay when I throw - takes under 5 minutes to make and shape. I just loaded them into the kiln (glaze) today. Now some of this is indicative of working in a communal studio where kiln space is at a premium etc. Throw- Trim-Dry-Fire-Prep-Wax-Glaze-Fire Again!

Thrown on May 18 - In the kiln finishing up now. WIll post finished cereal bowls. Frosted Flakes or Cheerios?

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