Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Looking for that special tool - My YUMI

There are hundreds upon hundreds of pottery tools out there. Some for trimming, some for decoration and some I'm not sure what  to do with. I have always been fascinated with tools, good ones that is. Last year I got 2 great Bison trimming tools for Christmas and LOVE them. They are very special and feel that way in the hand.

Some tools I have made and or modified myself. I notch out regular ribs with my dremel to achieve a small bead at the base o my bowls. I cobbled together a measuring stick for width and height for mugs - from bamboo skewers and some waxy thread.

I have this one tool, not really sure where it had come from but I have had it for many years. It's called a "Yumi". It's a little harp - like a cutter. I finally found the source of it and was so thrilled.  I ordered up a backup one for me and an extra for a fellow potter that loves it too.

It came from bambootools

They have a nice assortment of other tools - and I also discovered they have some good videos on YouTube. just search bambootools.com (warning: music is rather tacky). 

This little tool is great for a multitude of jobs, but my favorite is cutting up pulled handles and then cutting off the excess clay on the cup. Being on their site was a little like going to Target.  I just needed one item, but I walk away with a lot more. 

On this afternoon of web shopping for pottery stuff I also ordered up a few underglaze "markers" I want to see if they really can write better than the needle tipped bottles. Will report back on these markers.


  1. It looks like a faceter, great tool site thanks for sharing!

  2. I think that the bamboo version of this Yumi would be hard to use to facet - but the steel one does work as a faceter. The steel version is "strung" much tighter and is less flexible.