Friday, December 17, 2010

Meeting Buyers- In search of a Yarn Bowl

I just stopped into a shop where I sell my work. As usual bustling with customers buying Christmas Gifts. The shop owner calls me over and has a customer that needs to speak to me. A nice woman and her husband had driven from several towns over to buy one of my Yarn Bowls. How exciting! Her daughter had become an avid knitter and this was to be the perfect gift.  She said she saw something on the news about Yarn Bowls and started calling around. It's so nice to meet the buyer and it's so nice for the buyer to meet the potter. I pass along a story - that goes with the yarn bowl - it's something less tangible and meaningful. 

They wanted to know if the little hole had a purpose. I explained that it was simply decorative and that the "channel" was the really functional part of the bowl - guiding the yarn to the knitter. 

With each Yarn Bowl, there is a story.

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