Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Just finished throwing an order for 20 triangular shaped bowls. They are to be used as centerpieces for a luncheon. As per standard operating procedure for custom orders, I have made extra  - 4 or 20%. Custom orders always have some issue so it's better to over throw and prepare for the accidents that can occur. Of course when I am just making things with no specific order in the pipeline - nothing goes wrong. These pots are not near the end of their journey. Bisque - Prep- Glaze - Re-Fire - Pack and deliver.
drying on top of a warm kiln

The dangers that lie ahead.
  • one or two might yield a crack
  • could drop one loading into the kiln
  • glaze job gets messed up
  • general kiln god sacrifices



  1. Super cool looking. Can't wait to see them when they are done. Hope the kiln god will be kind this time around.

  2. Firing always makes me nervous, sometimes though you just have to close the lid and hope for the best. Good luck!