Friday, July 1, 2011

Bisque to Bisque - Name that Kiln

Fired her up to Bisque some pots at 04 - fired perfectly but eager beaver me pushed the limits with a large plate that still had some moisture......I had perfect timing and was standing nearby when it blew- what a great big bang. I guess this was my sacrifice to to kiln gods for the first firing....Two busted pots - no harm elsewhere.

I need a name for the new kiln. Suggestions? Something Greek and firey perhaps....

Mixing glazes for a test firing next week.


  1. Oh no! I always dread that noise... It's always a worry what you'll find inside afterwards.

  2. I just blew two, not quite dry bowls myself last night. Luckily, no harm done elsewhere. What I try to do is block the "iffy" pieces off from the others by building a stilt wall around them. If you have time, you can also run the kiln on low @ about 200-250 for 5-8 hours before the full firing and this should dry the wet pots out as well.
    Just sharing :). Your double wall pieces are beautiful. Out of reach of my learning curve, but very interesting in their appearance!

  3. "Hestia"... greek goddess of the hearth (fire) and home. A "domestic goddess" sounds perfect to me...