Thursday, October 27, 2011

Getting to know shapes

As a studio potter, I do make the same shape multiple times and with each time, I change something that might be visible, or might not. I love the iterations of making the same piece again. I look for better ways of doing things. Nicer techniques to create the desired look. With this "Dahlia" Platter, I have played with lots of the elements. Thickness of clay,  which rolling pin used, drying time upside down and right side up, the foot and the glaze. It feels like a rubrics cube spinning around all of the variables. That- it what keeps me making the next one. 
The biggest area of concern on this was the sort of foot I added. I was not happy with the  first technique that I used, but have since changed it and like the feel and look of the foot on this cream colored piece.  It really feels particularly nice in the hand. It sits well. I really like with Antique White look.

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  1. Nice, I also really like making the same thing over and over. No two pieces of clay are ever quite the same!