Friday, January 6, 2012

Tea Pots

This week I started my more advanced students (you know who you are) on teapots. Teapots are one of the hardest vessels to make because they have so many components and each one requires individual attention as well as coordination with each other. 
  • Body
  • Spout
  • Lid
  • Handle
Just like any form, it requires some practice. I don't make a lot of teapots these days, in my Bridges Pottery line, but I have made a lot of them over the years.  There is a mass of great information, videos, diagrams, photos, descriptions and lesson plans about teapots. I couldn't begin to put it all together but here is a start - for those of you that are interested in giving it a shot.

Lets start with the fun stuff...

basic lesson from Ceramics Arts Daily Archive

Lucy Fagella video clips of each part of putting together a teapot

Great Book for inspiration
500 Teapots
(dear husband - would love this one for my birthday...hint hint)
Bridges Pottery Teapot

Bridges Pottery Teapot

Bridges Pottery Teapot

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