Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tips to prevent Warping

OK - here is the Monarch Notes Version :
  1. Use clay with some grog/substance
  2. start with a good slab (not water logged)
  3. Go a little thicker than you think you need - thinner = warpier
  4. Compress the clay - don't just wipe it up with a rib so the surface looks good - really compress the clay. May mean you need to roll slab thicker initially.
  5. Make sure your form is architecturally sound ie. good joints and support where needed
  6. Don't move it around a lot - leave it flat as can be
  7. Dry is SLOWLY
  8. Don't leave it in a mold or surface so it sticks USE CORNSTARCH on surface of clay or mold.
  9. DRY SLOWLY again
  10. Bisque won't display warpage - Glaze will
  11. Fire as usual but be sure that the foot/ whatever touches kiln shelf can move freely.
Feel free to email for more details. Watch my videos - they discuss and demonstrate most of this.....

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  1. Thank you for the instructions! Someday, more and more people will going to make stuffs like that. Actually, your post did a big help to me. Thank you again. :)