Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Working in Parallel

When I make multiples - normally it's muscle memory and the help of a ruler or measured out stick that get me to where I need to be . I make one, then the next etc. Mugs, Plates, bowls - my hands seem to know the code. 

When making something larger in multiples I like to work in parallel. Thank goodness for bats and bat Pins. Many years ago I learned to throw using a pad of clay and plywood bats that my Dad had cut for me. Ahhh the convenience of modern invention.

For lamps in pairs- I want them to be equal size and height - and of course they will naturally be different - I am not crap and barrel. It's easier for me to work in parallel.

 With 2 balls of clay - 13lbs- in this case, I center the first and make a big cylinder. Then I take it off the wheel, still on the bat, and do the same with #2. I keep doing this as I progress. Somehow I find it easier to match the shape and feel by using this method. 
These should shrink up a bit so i need some a bit larger. I will try and take some more pictures on the next round. 15lbs and a coil or who for a taller neck - that's the plan:) Stay Tuned.

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  1. Great work! I often find creating parallel shapes can mean packing the kiln is easier! Those fat pots fit well around the skinny ones : )