Saturday, December 1, 2012

Brick and Mortar

My Annual Holiday Brick and Mortar Sale is over. THANK YOU to those of you that came out and supported me. 
Happy Customer with their New Lamp
Bridges Pottery Holiday Sale
It is hard to believe that it is already December. In speaking with some of the people that came and shopped today, I realize that EVERYONE, is still a bit phased from "Sandy". It's like we simply lost 2 weeks. Gone. Over and done, crossed off from the calendar - never to be regained.

November took a toll on many of us. Today people just didn't seem ready to face the realization of December, the Holidays, all looming right there close to us. My prediction is that there will be lots of "late" sales and panic right before Christmas. Express mail - here I come. 

I now shift to Online sales, filling custom ordered Yarn Bowls, customers by appointment, and planning my strategy for 2013. HAPPY DECEMBER.

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  1. Good luck with your christmas sales - we're entering panic buying stations!