Sunday, January 27, 2013

Monday Video

I spend time (maybe too much) combing the web for new ideas, commentary, video, music, information and data. I am huge information consumner (self admitted).  I have always been this way, even before the web.

I wanted to share some of the trinkets of cool stuff I find, but it is hard to whittle it down.  I have decided to pick one thing a week to share. Something that is not mine.  It will be something that may bring inspiration or pleasure to you as someone who either appreciates the ceramic arts or is a ceramic artist looking to grow. My first Show and Tell is a video from 1941.

"A Technicolor study of English pottery, the skill of the potter, and the modern mechanised factories of Wedgwood. Find out more information about this title at"


  1. Wonderful video. Of course I'm a sucker for anything with an English accent. :))
    Good exposition of how production pottery is made.