Tuesday, February 19, 2013


It is easy to get carried away with combing through dollar stores and tag sales for things to use in the studio- Textures, Shapes, Pans, Mixing Bowls. My favorite place to shop for studio wares is at the higher end kitchen supply places. Near me there is a Sur La Table and they often have a clearance section with some great items.  I generally only buy if it's on sale. Both of these were seriously marked down. Yesterday I picked up two very nice wooden tools. Very excited to try them out. 

The wooden rolling pin is meant to be used for making home made ravioli. I suspect it will prove to be a nice pattern maker and more. The second item is meant to be used to cut home made pizza - directly on the stone (this way you don't ruin your  knives). Wouldn't work for me - rarely use the stone. 

The Pizza cutter is much like a giant rib and I think it would be rather fun to use for big plates and platters. Time will tell. 

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