Saturday, October 19, 2013

Four weeks and Counting

Four weeks can seem like a long time and it can also be a short time. Right now it's a short time. There are 4 weeks until my Holiday Studio Sale. I have a lot of work to do before then and am still fullfilling orders on a daily basis. 

What's different this year? I will not be offering much of any custom orders between my studio sale and Christmas. Last year was too much of a crunch to get custom orders to people in a very short turn around. I need my sanity. 

I also am making a bigger inventory of smaller pieces with lower price points. Under $30 handcrafted items make wonderful gifts and mean a lot more than something mass manufactured. In fact today- it's hard to find anything acceptable as a nice gift for under $30. 

I will also be sending out a reminder to order your yarn Bowls early! It is hard to keep up and they make fantastic gift. I now make them in 3 sizes - regular, Large and XL. The XL is really big and has become very popular.

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