Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I am a studio potter. I make a variety of things but sometimes it feels like production  - but then I shift gears and do something else. I like the meditative and predictability of making multiples. I settle into a rythm that keeps me going. Time passes and I suddenly realize the shelves are filled.  Here is a collection of the past few days. 

I am making Yarn Bowls by the dozen.
Bridges Pottery Yarn Bowls drying and finished ones on tray

Have a custom lamp order for a pair of tall table lamps. 
Lamp bodies waiting to get touched up and left to dry

In between I felt the need to throw some large decorative platters.  This one is 16" across and has a pattern in the center. 
16" Platter with decorative center

Brdiegs Pottery Platter Detail

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