Friday, February 14, 2014

Snow Day - Boxing Up

A good snow day it was. Dedicated the day to cleaning up and prepping a big order that will go out next week. Bubbled, Boxed, Stamped, Labeled, Boxed together. That's a lot of tape! It will get easier -  I tell myself. 

Quality Packing Control - I had the kids test a single box for me. Inside the box was a bowl, bubble wrapped very well. These boxes are not the kind that gets used for final shipping - they just hold the item and go into another box for shipping to the customer - so they are just the first line of defense. 

So thrown down the stairs - kicked here and there, hurled up and down, dropped and then really thrown down to the driveway full force - did I mention from the upstairs window? That did it. Broken Bowl. I felt confident that it would hold up inside another box just fine.



UPC labeled
Fragile please

Packed to go

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