Sunday, May 18, 2014

Objects may appear further away

Fast approaching- SUMMER.  A lot of a potter's work is cyclical. Winter items, Summer items, specialty pieces for the holidays. 

Every year or every so often I add something to my regular repitoire and with the same breath I remove something. Recently I added French Butter Keepers. Customers have been asking for them for some time. I decided they would be a good fit in and complement the other butter vessels that I make. If you know me or my family - we a are bigg butter-ers. Prefered brand is Kate's from Maine - sea salted.

The bigger cycle that drives all of this is the studio cycle.

Throw on the wheel or Make
Inspect and coddle
Inspect and prep
quality control and test:)
Price and Label 
pack and Ship (or load in the car)

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