Friday, August 8, 2014

Wax on Wax Off

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. To wax or not to wax is another issue. When we do use wax on the bottom of our pots - it is to keep the glaze off that area for easier clean up. The pot then sits cleanly on the kiln shelf with a glaze free surface. 

I tell my students that wax likes to cure a bit so that it can show off it's resistant ability.  In my studio I wax and glaze on different days. I save a huge amount of time (less clean up), by doing this- but money from the glaze I do not waste. Today I had a student help me illustrate this point.

The pot on the left was waxed 1 day go (GOOD RESIST)
The pot on the right was waxed 20 min. ago (BAD RESIST)

I dipped them both as I normally would.......

One resists and there is barely any clean up and one doesn't.

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