Sunday, April 26, 2015

Monoprint Process on Clay - SNEAK PREVIEW

Here are some early pictures of some new work in the studio. Quite a different direction. Good to stretch. It's a process that uses monoprinting* as the method to get an image or pattern- design in colors onto the clay. 
greenware plate with printed pattern

Slab tray with black and red pattern

first printing on a slab

printed and fired on a porcelain clay

printing on a plate

unfired plate with pattern - drying
 *Monoprinting is a form of printmaking that has images or lines that can only be made once, unlike most printmaking, where there are multiple originals. There are many techniques ofmonoprinting. Examples of standard printmaking techniques which can be used to make monoprints include lithography, woodcut, and etching. from Wikipedia

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