Saturday, July 9, 2016

Round and Round Recycling Clay over and over

The summer recycle. I have buckets of scraps that I have collected all winter. Clay scraps and mush end up  as a big globby consistency - too mushy  to work with. It gets laid out on plater slabs to suck the moisture out.

 When they are firm enough to roll up- they get wedged up into 20-25lb balls of clay. Piled up and then bagged to be brought back into the studio. This is a great outside-summer job.

 I make blocks that will fit in my extruder and I pump out logs that can then be cut up like sausage. This is the size I will use for my small match strikers. 3"+ wide log.

After they are cut and weighed I put them on a big wooden board and keep them wrapped in plastic until the next day when I turn them into strikers.

 After they are thrown on the wheel they sit and dry out - get fired and glazed and then they are headed out
 For sale...

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