Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back in the Studio

After what seems like an eternal break from the studio - I started back in. Today we had a farewell lunch for a student that is returning to Canada after a long year+ as a fellow potter and friend. It is clear that our group of students and teachers has evolved and grown into a very organic and blooming family. We are a studio of varied artists - different ages and backgrounds - but it is the passion for clay that makes us all part of the pack. This is what makes Haven Art such a special place.
Our little community is comforting and supportive. It is a place for ideas and knowledge to be shared.  A place for inspiration from and for others. Whether student or teacher, there is a sense of leaving some of the outside world behind while we are there. A pleasant restbite that I am sure we all need.
Just some of the pack having lunch at my house.

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