Thursday, September 17, 2009

Before and After

I spent a few hours at Haven Art this morning glazing some  bisqueware.  I can only glaze when the studio is on the empty side as I am a batch glazer. It is easier and more efficient to glaze a bunch of stuff at once.  Often I need to 'warm up' and get my dipping and pouring going before I feel things are going well. It's also easier to batch prepare pieces - clean - check for burrs - wax etc.

So much of my work focuses on 'families' of pieces and multiples I need to be consistent with my glazes and glazing for them to work together. 
I can remember when I worked as an apprentice for a production potter - just how efficiently and carefully she would set up her operation for glazing a mass of pots. It was fast and produced beautiful results each time. It's all in the "operations", almost mathematical. Consistency produces consistently!

These are the glazed square bowls from above.

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