Saturday, September 19, 2009

Coffee Anyone?

Coffee & Tea Cups, Mugs, and Soup Cups are all interchangeable but highly personal. I prefer a BIG cup with a spacious handle. I like to be able to really grip onto it while doing ten other things. Holding onto a mug of precious hot coffee while the dog pulls the other hand attached to his leash requires more than a one finger grip.

I played with some different sizes the other day.  I still can't decide my true favorite, but I was very pleased with the glaze. It's a pretty floating blue over a brown that looks like rabbit fur where the two meld. I am a trimmer at heart, but doing mugs in production really leans towards not trimming and making a clean bottom that just needs a wipe. Next time.

Mugs are a great project for newbies.  Students can produce a nice small cylinder, add a handle and have something worth taking home that's really useful. It allows them to work on their centering and pulling techniques and still produce something other than the old floppy bowl or squiggly ass heavy vase.

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