Tuesday, February 16, 2010


A few months ago I got a mini Flip HD digital video camera. I wanted to start creating some videos, ultimately of the demos we do in the studio and to share some interesting techniques.  It's A LOT of work documenting anything. We all take lots of pictures and most of us have them sitting in a file someplace on a computer. 

I have a background in film and video from decades ago - it's still a real passion.  I was an editor among other titles, but love the fluidity of the medium. So this little video is a stab at getting an idea of what I need to do.  lesson 1- move the camera to the side I am working on. You cannot see what I am doing with the ribs I am using in this video. I thought I would share the accelerated version. Lesson 2 - charge the battery:(

1 comment:

  1. wow.. how easily you are doing it, I was wondering how long it take to achive such perfection.. I wise i can get some hand over it... thou,, nice work done there...!