Friday, November 26, 2010

Annual Sale a Hit

Last weeks show and sale was successful by several measures. There was a good slow trickle of visitors and buyers. The large middle room at The Dolphin Bookshop  is a wonderful space to display my work so seeing it all together as a body of work was really exciting. 

It's always a thrill to have someone buy your work. No matter how big or small the piece is, there is an emotional charge that goes with each departure. With something handmade there is a connection to each piece with the artist. I remember the day I made the batch of brown cereal bowls, or the day I unloaded the kiln only to find something had blown up on one of my platters leaving me to make more.  The swirl on the yellow and white bowls was made from a button that came off of one of my mother's old coats. 

I also learn a huge amount during this time. Things that sell and things that don't. I knew that my signature honeycomb bowls would go fast, and they did. My batter bowls and knitting bowls are top of the list for next weeks production.  The little handmade platters with a variety of textures and colors were very popular. 

I am fortunate for the loyal customers that think of Bridges Pottery when they have a gift to give or need something for themselves. The Dolphin Bookshop in Port Washington will continue to sell some of my work and as I re-align some of my inventory to better suit their shop I will keep you posted.

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