Monday, November 8, 2010

Glazing Re-Post

Glazing is such a critical part of the whole ceramic process, but all too often it's the part where some potters lose steam.

We have all agonized at; wedging, centering, pulling, cutting, trimming, smoothing, waiting, firing, and finally are ready to finish it off with a glaze. I see a lot of people in the studio not leaving enough time to do it right, take the time. Glazing like throwing has some basic techniques - and then there is lots of  room for interpretation and creativity. Nothing worse than  a beautiful piece ruined with a bad and/or sloppy glaze job.

It always takes longer to glaze that you plan. Here are some very basic tips to help make your final journey easier and hopefully make for better glaze jobs.


 Here are these little square bowls completed.....


  1. Those pieces look great, did you use paper to create the geometric patterns?

  2. I just dipped then corner by corner and got that pattern. I will post a picture of how they actually look glazed.

  3. very nice bowls. id like to see the result too. and thanks for tips, ill be looking in to it.

  4. They look lovely, congrats : D

    Thanks for letting me know how you did it!