Friday, January 7, 2011

New for 2011

I always feel like a new year is a time for new beginings and is a catalyst for changing up some old ways. Much of my work is done on the wheel but I love handbuilding as well. It's always a tough job balancing the two. I have a lot of new play tools for clay for 2011 and I have embarked on starting to use them.

Last year I made serving platters and trays with lots of patterns and textures. They were a big hit, sell well and are generally a good stock item. I began making them in pairs. I have two kids so everything in my house needs to be at least in twos. So whether it's bits of cheese and nibbles on a small tray or pizza bagels, I need two.

So, for my first set of new projects I am working with some great hump molds. These are made of wood and come from Bamboo Tools. I have a selection of them and know that it will take some time to sort through all of the 'best practices'. Below are some platters that are drying. They look like they are covered in powdered sugar, but it is corn starch. The corn starch keeps the clay from sticking to the form.

For most potters handbuilding requires more delicate timing. Many times pieces are worked on over several days, sealed up in plastic or left to become leatherhard. I am exiting with the results of my first plate for 2011. More to come.

bridges pottery hexagon plate

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  1. Great work! Must say I usually leave my pieces on molds until they've gone leather hard and then remove them. Nice tip with the cornstarch.