Thursday, January 20, 2011

Marketing Your Craft

Marketing is what makes things move. I am fortunate to have a background in marketing as most potters, or craftspeople in general do not. In my alter ego life I went to business school, got an MBA, worked in marketing and PR for over two decades. Boy, I feel old saying that. Many times I was tasked with getting a product marketed, recognized, positioned, writing marketing plans, contacting the media. All of these tools are still on my belt and now more personally meaningful. It's MY work and MY sweat and love and dry hands and split fingers that I am working to promote. 

Where's my staff? So time consuming, all of this marketing stuff. I do love it though. 
People often ask me who did my website? The answer is....I did. I outsourced  some of the back end code of my portfolio to a programmer in India. That alone was an experience. I created my main website over 2 years ago which in tech time is a long time ago. It's time.
Right now I am revamping my sites. Main Website, Blog and newly added Yarnbowl Site. At warp speed things change and become old looking. The need for change and update is constant. It  is terribly time consuming.

With the recent up tick in the knitting industry, my newly added Yarn Bowls have become a focal point. My plan to market them is three pronged. 
  • Promote to knitting sites and social media
  • Develop relationships with at least 5 bricks and mortar knitting stores
  • Promote through my local retailers
It's not brain surgery but it's a good plan. I will report back later. 


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