Wednesday, January 26, 2011


After the herculean job of creating our handmade work - ceramics, jewelry, fiber and more - in many cases it just begins there. Selling what you make and getting into the hands of those who will pay you for it is another job. An MBA and years of marketing in the corporate world don't make it any easier- just clearer. Let me share some of my own efforts.

Like many artists, I have a:
  • website
  • blog
  • facebook page
  • etsy shop
I sell into a few local shops, do not do large craft shows and do my own PR and Media placements.I have one or two large trunk shows a year where I sell about 70% of what I make. 

Most of my marketing work is done sitting behind my MAC - Sometimes the more specific your offering, the easier it is to market. I decided to try some facebook advertising with one of my pieces that is well defined. Yarn Bowls for knitters. This is an item that has been selling well and I am anticipating it to remain popular as I have gotten it placed in Vouge Knitting in March.

I have done ads on facebook in the past - not withany great results. The ad I ran is to the left. It clicks thru to a page of yarn bowls. Basic. 

Targeting was very easy for this
  • who live in the United States
  • age 21 and older
  • who are female
  • who like crochet, crocheting or knitting
  • who are not already connected to Bridges Pottery
Over   6 days I got about 83,000 impressions, 100+ click thrus - I spent $20 making the CPC $0.20. This equates to a 12% click thru rate. Did I get a sale? To the best of my analysis I got 1 sale (so far). There are always people who bookmark and go back. So for a very targeted campaign - this was ok. 

Below is the graph from my ads performance and the video of the product from the landing page. I will post more about Marketing and Promoting in the next week- so come back.


  1. Fantastic information! Thank you so much for sharing. I am a budding potter that would like to make a go of it in a few years. I have no business background and am thinking of getting an online MBA while living in Japan for the next 2 years. What are your thoughts on getting an Entrepreneurial MBA to help start a new business?

  2. Marketing is still a pretty tough, reaching the right audience can be trial and error when it comes to the actual process. There are plenty of people out there willing to take your money too.

    I took an ad out on facebook but I wasn't trying to get sales I wanted to boost my fans, I found it was quite effective from that point of view. But I don't think I've had many sales from it, but from a long term 'soft' marketing point of view its not bad.

  3. Hi, I am new to monitoring your blog. I am a not for profit potter, but I still need to find venues where I can sell to support several charities that I am dedicated to. When you say a "trunk show" how does that work? Are you paying for the space to have a show? Are there specific times of the year that you fine work best? Do you use a mailing list or advertise or both? Just curious? Where do you hold the shows? My studio is too far off the beaten track to have it open to the public. I would love to learn more about how you do the trunk shows. Thanks. Lori

  4. As a knitter who found your site because of the Vogue Knitting feature, I would suggest posting an ad on Ravelry instead of Facebook.