Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trying New Techniques and Tools

As artists, we each have a collection of tools that we use. For painters it is favorite brushes, paints or perhaps a special canvas that makes their brush strokes feel a certain way. For a blacksmith it is could be  an anvil and hammer that work to make their craft. As a potter, I use  a variety of tools. Some of us are more toolcentric than others - I LOVE tools. 

My 'can't live without' tool for hand building is my YUMI. It is just perfect for making clean cuts, trimming up corners and 100 other tasks. I use it all of the time. On the wheel my favorites are my large wooden ribs and my Bison trimming tools.

I like to try new tools as they open up new techniques and new ideas. Which came first the tool or the idea. Often I get a tool and an idea follows. This week I tried out some new tools. Bamboo Paddles used to decorate clay. I will write more about these next month when I finish my next video that demonstrates how to use them!

Here is a sneak peak of the finished piece from the video.

Bridges Pottery - Large Pot decorated with Bamboo Paddles from Bamboo Tools


  1. Looks great! I've heard of the bamboo tools website but never ordered from them before. Its a shame so many of the best tools are in the US!

  2. Just saw your video on slab construction via Ceramics Art Daily. I loved it and am sharing it with my students.