Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hot from the kiln

I am a huge advocate of testing glazes and techniques before I apply them to my main pieces. Yes, it takes a lot of extra work, but after  you condition yourself and get the timing right - it all works. There is still the variable factor as each firing results in something a little different. 

I am looking to develop some smaller pieces for sale as often times people want something to go with another gift - like some nuts or cookies etc.  Below are some recent samples of some of those type of pieces. The patterns on the nut bowls are made with bamboo paddles I got from bamboo tools on the web.

Pentagon Nut Bowl  2 3/4" deep x 6" wide
Star Pattern with Copper Patina

Pentagon Nut Bowl  2 3/4" deep x 6" wide
Nesting Nut Bowls

Tray 5" x 5" Natural and Brown Stencil

Bottom of Tray Detail of Feet

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