Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Video- Slab and Coil Vessel

I have recently completed a new instructional video. This one shows you how to make a large pot using a slab base and a coil body. I used some great bamboo paddles in this project.  
Whenever I start a new project there is always exploration and challenges.  If it's something really new, I generally plan on making 2 of whatever it is- allowing room for mistakes.

Although I have done lots of slab and coil type pots, I have never done one exactly like this one. In fact I had some interesting challenges that in the end produced a great piece. With the first piece (handbag), I was in a rush and didn't allow enough time for the base to firm up - I kept going anyway and as I loaded up the coils it began to sag (lots of "old bag" jokes in the studio that day). The piece essentially folded down on itself creating a very wide base.  Instead of rounding the opening a squeezed it closed a bit. As it evolved - sag and all- it went from looking womb like to a nicely worn handbag. I don't think I will take it shopping but it is quite pleasing to the eye.

Large Jug
Handbag and Jug


  1. Looking at the pictures below, I first thought they were made out of coconut shells. That's a great handbag by the way.

  2. These handcrafts seem like a very nice project. I like the idea of making a handbag out of that material. I look forward to seeing more designs most especially travel bags for women.