Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Life is about balance. Pottery is about balance. 

Some of why I like throwing on the wheel has to do with that getting balance. Perfectly centered, not too far to the right, not too far to the left. Balancing time is difficult - no matter who you are or what you do. I am what you would call a part time working potter. I have a family and other interests that I devote my time to. I have a limited number of hours that I can be in the studio making wares to sell or keep. During these months I am teaching more than usual and as a result the making side of the teaching/making equation is rather lopsided.  

This weeks mishap of glazing something in the wrong (really wrong) glaze was poorly timed as the pieces were really needed. Lids of glaze buckets got switched. Dumb Luck.

Here are a few of the new pieces that I have managed to squeeze out....
small fish bowls

One fish Two fish

Shallow server with lugs

tri color pitcher


Red Server

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  1. Beautiful work, looks lovely! is that last red serving plate glazed with rutile around the edge?

    I've been struggling lately with rutile...