Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spent a lot of time over the past few evenings catching up on blogs that I like to check on.  I use Google Reader to manage and organize my reading. Not sure I would have the patience to weed through all of the sites I like without the "reader".  It is east to set up and you can actually cut and paste the sites you want to follow from an existing list.

It allows you to see which sites have any updates that you have not read, this way you can just look at them and not return to sites that you have previously seen with no new posts.

I am a great consumer of information. I gobble it up. I find inspiration, motivation and clarification from the wealth of information that comes back tome in my cast net. With better technology, I can streamline the process and more efficiently zoom into the kernels that matter to me.  
My favorite post from last night's reading was very funny....Potters do have a good sense of humor. This was from Dan Finnegan's Blog

This morning in the studio.  Using up some odd balls of clay. Little too hard, little too soft.

Honeycomb Bowl

Mugs and some mini syrup shooters

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  1. beautiful work, love that honeycomb bowl. Kinda reminds me of english strawberry pots.