Monday, July 25, 2011

Basement Studio Under Way

You never realize just how much work something is until you get underway with it. Like most construction projects, they always  take longer than you expect and cost more. It takes more energy and more stress than it looks like on paper.
Hallway to room - soon to be studio
Our house has a basement with a room that was the kids playroom, then the kids lounge and then a dumping grounds for misfit toys and the like. We decided that I could take it over.  I began cleaning it out and coming up with some solutions for flooring and workspace. Now, believe me, it's a small space, but organized well and ergonomically it will be perfect.

 The basement floor was concrete with that thin basement type gray carpeting glued on it. Rather than rip the carpet out and have to deal with the concrete - I went for a subfloor of masonite over it and then used stick on tiles. Works beautifully.

Hi-Quality stick on tile. Not the super cheapo stuff that's .39 a tile.

Shelving came from craig's list for a song. Good wooden stuff from Ikea originally.The man in the picture was priceless.
Several trips to home depot and LOTS of help from the handy hubby and I am almost there. Lots of custom stuff like height of wedging shelf. If it is just right for me - no sore wrists and it makes wedging that much easier. Most studios have wedging tables that are too high from my experience. They need to speak to the average person in the studio - clearly taller than I am (5'5")

Pegboard with some tools - need to figure out exactly where I want each one over time
Countertop mounted at a nice high height that I like to work at. Better on the back - since I I never sit much.

More pictures to follow.

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  1. Looks like a great little studio, I actually find storage more of an issue than the working space itself. Your Ikea shelves look great for storing pots!