Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gettting into a Rythm

I always find the summer a hard tine to get into any sort of rythm of work. Even though the kids are actually in camp all day vs. till 3:00 during the school year, I seem to be involved so much more in the daily goings on. Swim meets, Sailing, Pictures, broken watches and on and on.
Tomorrow they are in Centerport for another Opti Regatta. Gear ready to load in the am.
I ran a glaze firing  with good results. Over the next month I will have to tinker with firing times and temps. I fired to cone 5 and I think that I may bump it up to cone 6 and see how my glazes look. IN the studio where we work, we eased back down to Cone 5 because so many glazes were just running. Personally I think that it's because a communal studio has lots of beginner glazers and they temd to be heavy handed with the glazes.

Red Brick  and black - large server and Tall Pitcher with some bright turquoise I am testing. Got a texture that weirded out a bit. Just something else to re-glaze.

My dahlias are doing well. This year I tried some of those dinner plate Dahlias......

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  1. Hope you settle in with your new kiln ok, I remember I experimentally turned up my kiln slightly and unintentionally burnt the glaze - yikes!