Monday, July 2, 2012


It always is amazing , no matter what business you are in, just how much paper work there is to be done. In this supersonic age of computer technology - one would guess it would decrease.  I made a promise to myself that I would organize my business expenses better this year. I feel like I have barely made a dent. I should first say that I am generally very organized with my business, even if my desk looks like a cyclone.

I have been reviewing software and services to help me better organize my #'s. Some that connect to Etsy and suck the numbers out for me - some that create beautiful real time spreadsheets and some that are as basic as a simple place to enter data. Reviewing them makes me feel like I am making progress - but it's a hoax.

So down to Brass tacks- This week is official get caught up with paperwork week. Feel free to join in. I started the week off by getting a permit notarized and filed, and faxing in some DOC business. Oh god - time for a break.

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