Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Lamps are Fun

Bridges Pottery Lamps Turquoise & Blue
Handmade ceramic lamps are very special. I love making them as they introduce a whole number of new elements to the process. Light, takes center stage. The piece (otherwise known as a vase or vessel) is immediately lit- beautifully from above. Glaze and texture take on a new appearance and contribute much more to the esthetics of the piece. With functional ware- like a cereal bowl, feel and shape may dominate the character of the piece. A lamp changes the priorities the the variables. Sounds a bit esoteric.

I have assembled the first two lamps. I am now a certified wire-ess and make a pretty darn good underwriters knot. It does take some experimentation with the many ways you can actually put together a lamp. Lots of variables- Harp- Shade- Couplers-washers-nipples-finials etc. Quite fun. I will now have a little more direction regarding the actual throwing of these lamps and the mouth to fit the various components.

The web is full of diagrams and details about everything you need to know. What did people do before? 

The right shade is harder for me than anything. The shades on these two are taken off other lamps in my house -  so they won't be the final shades- just a decent look see.

Lamp Stuff
underwriters knot (better than my bowline)

Check Ring
Bridges Pottery Lamps Turquoise & Blue

These lamps will be for sale shortly in my Etsy Shop.


  1. So nicely done!

  2. Beautiful work, nice to see these completed! Lovely : )

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