Sunday, July 15, 2012

Work Hours

For many years I worked in the corporate world and had a regular "day" job. My hours were pretty steady - in the office about 8am and left around 6pm. Some days later and earlier, some days just later. There were no kids to get home to or dog to let out. Life is different now. 

The other night - with my husband and kids already upstairs- nestled in their beds, as I was working away in my studio,  I had an epiphany. 

As a working potter, I realized that it isn't just a day job.  I don't work the hours of a day job. What is it? There are those who work the swing shift- no not me, but I got it - I AM A FRINGE WORKER. I work early am and late pm for the most part. Highly productive with no distractions from children, husband or dog. No commitments that interfere. then I have the rest of the day to be super Mom and Wife (dog entertainer,laundress,cook,cleaner, blah blah blah). It does make for a rather long day, but it's broken into units of time that sometimes feel unrelated. Tonight - I won't work- It's Sunday Night TV.

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