Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September- The New January

September is the New January.  Summer is over, Kids are back to school. Lots of rebirth. For me - September is more like New Year than January.

Each year I take a stay away from clay vacation with my family. My hands get soft again, my nails grow a bit. I really do like it.

Now that I am back I have a brain full of ideas that are just bursting. I started to organize them on paper and map out the next few months. With several orders in the queue, I have limited time for messing around!

While away on vacation in New Hampshire, I picked up a very pretty wood cut bunny that I know will look great on some bowls or mugs." Bunny Bowls"

Glazed Bunny
I spent Tuesday morning mixing glazes and ran a few tests that night.
Raw Sienna

Some green on blue

LOVE this - my cream over the sienna overlap

cream and Sienna


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