Monday, September 10, 2012


As part of every new year, we re- organize stuff. In my micro studio - I have a 4 foot stretch of counter that is the perfect height for wedging. This was calculated out - as I can't stand having to wedge clay at an uncomfortable height (kills the wrists). I keep plaster wedging blocks, partial bags of clay and general dedicate it to moist clay stuff. 

I realized that when I do slab work with my Northstar Slab Roller - I really need a lot more workspace......

My handy hubby made me a removable counter that sits over all of my messy clay stuff.  I covered it in canvas and it will be just perfect when I go into Slab Mode. I can also use it when I am doing other work that required more surface area. 

I also moved some shelving to the hallway for more storage. 

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