Thursday, April 11, 2013

From the Kiln

Fresh from the kiln today.

Bridges Pottery Tall Planter

Bridges Pottery  Colanders/ Berry Bowls

Bridges Pottery Unloading

Bridges Pottery Butter Dish


  1. Patricia..what a great selection of pieces fresh from the fun to open a glaze load!.. I love your textured plates.. Also in the last post re: transportation.. My kiln, too, is out in the garage.I have a little 'bench/shelf' outside the window to put the work on to, then up the stairs, around the house, and to the garage I go...:)..and in the middle of winter..brrrr!! Thanks so much for the paper towel idea!! how great is that!! I am going to use that..:) Also, appreciate your videos. Cheers, Trish from Alberta

  2. You have some serious talent. I would love to pick up some of your pieces!