Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Transporter

If you are lucky to have a studio where your kiln is right next to where you glaze - then you can ignore this post. 

Many of you are probably like me where my kiln is outside of the studio in a detached garage. We get more excersize than our fellow potters who have it all cozy and close.

My next incarnation I will be as a plate spinner or waitress as I have mastered the art of carying trays filled with wares teetering on the bring of imbalance.

To carry more than just a few things on a tray I use a piece of papertowel between each piece. That allows me to really stack 'em up. This is particularly good for plates, trays and horizontal work. It's just enough cushion so that the glaze doesn't get marred or rub off.



PS I re-use the papertowels.

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