Thursday, July 4, 2013

Teaching - Extruded Forms

Extruded clay tube #bridgespottery
I love to teach and really enjoy it when I can see my student's minds start to churn. I give them a technique or tool and then they take it, learn it and use it in their own way. 

Using an extruder is fun - much like a caulk gun , squishing out shapes in long wormy forms. It feels light and fluid and has a very sensual feel. Last week I showed them how to make a simple hollow extrusion. 

This one is about the width of a dime and we pumped out many feet. 

I used a small portion to make a handle for some batter bowls. The advantage of hollow is that it's very light and has a 'filled with air' look. Perfect for a small handle just big enough to grab a finger onto for this multiuse bowl with spout.

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